"A Conversion from Mind to Soul ~Three Steps to Discovering and Recognizing Your Souls Desire" - Copyright-2009-2013, Rev. Judy Miller Dienst, All Rights Reserved

This is a time of major change in the world and you are probably experiencing major change in your life, your relationships, your career, or your financial stability.  How we perceive these changes dictates our experience.  Do you find yourself in fear?  Fear creates more fear.  We certainly DON'T want more fear!!  How can we keep fear to a minimum?

Chaos creates anxiety.  Or does anxiety create chaos?  It may not matter which comes first, but by witnessing either one in your life is not a pleasant experience, is it?  When we hold onto negative thinking and fear, everything feels worse.  This class provides a powerful, logical guideline to restructuring your thought processes to enable you to move into peace within yourself, within your relationships, and your world in general.

An Interfaith Minister and 20 years of spiritual counseling, restructuring thought processes, and providing awareness of how belief systems create our reality, this class is based on my new book, "A Conversion from Mind to Soul" (copyright-2013,JMD). We will take a close look at how living with egoic thoughts wreaks havoc on every part of our lives. Influences from Eckhart Tolle's book, "A New Earth" will be discussed. After learning how to identify the cause of emotional upsets we move into what to do about releasing and healing negative experiences.

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How Do We Move from Mind to Soul?  
Ego Identification
Trash vs Treasure
Who is in Charge?
Removing Chaos
Impatience IS a Disorder
Abundance Container
Where are You Living?
Who are You Living With?
Pain vs Suffering
Your BEing Center
Making Healthy Choices
Group Release Healing


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Class Tuition:  $350.00 ($150 non-refundable deposit is required when registering)
Visa, M.C. and Discover card accepted.

Spiritual connection is available around every corner.  All we have to do is look, listen and be open to possibilities. Judy Miller Dienst's work is spiritually based, whether she is offering private sessions in Medical Intuition, the many DNA and Theta Energy Healing, Emotional and Physical Genetic Reprogrammings techniques, or Spiritual Counseling.  It is possible to open up for change with ease and grace.  Call 720-890-7363 to find out how.To register for this class; to make an appointment for a free 20 minute telephone consultation, or for more information, you may contact Judy by calling 720-890-7363 OR email her at dnahealer@aol.com .  


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"All wounds heal, unless you pick at them." - Shawn Alexander