The Council Readings by Rev. Judy
Supportive Guidance during Challenging Times

I no longer do "ego" readings. What do I mean by that? When we want messages regarding our money, our health, and our relationships, we are typically in fear about these issues. God (by many names) has been sending you messages already and you have not been paying attention.  The negative mind, the dark ego, has you in fear.  My readings are now focused on high vibrational energy, which we and our planet are strongly moving into today.

As a life-long intuitive with Clairvoyant, Clairscencient, and Clairaudient skills, I connect with the "Council" who speaks through me pertaining to the message you are meant to receive in your life at this time.   I am located in the Boulder, CO area, however, ALL my readings and private sessions are done by telephone all over the world. I have an international base of clients and students.  To learn more about me, click on one of the topics under my picture to your left.

Are you ready to hear the truth?  Are you ready to receive Guidance?  Are you stuck in old programs of defeat, lack, illness, depression, anxiety, and unhappiness?  Do you want to know how to bring change into your situation?  

I am not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to tap into your issues, bring forward messages for your highest good, and help you to discover other choices.


Dear Judy,
I want to thank you for your continued assistance through the readings you give me regarding my business, potential business partners, and directions in my life that may be more suitable for me.  I feel comfortable knowing you are always there with accurate and heart-felt messages.                                                                 In Appreciation,    M.Beth

Judy, Judy, Judy,
Have I told you lately that I love you?  Your direct, to the point, guidance has helped me in countless ways.  You have pulled me out of my denial, and I appreciate that.  Thanks for the reading!                             BND, Portland

Ms. Judy,
I am happy to say that the reading you gave me recently helped me make a decision that kept me from making a huge mistake that I probably would have regretted the rest of my life.  You helped me look deeper at the signs I was ignoring.   
Thank you for your help.    Aggie,   Brooklyn


One HOUR - $75

The Mystery School, Inc.
The Council Reading Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is RESERVED for you.  If you need to cancel a scheduled reading, a minimum advance notice of 48 hours is required.  Please be AWARE that there is a cancellation fee of $35.  The voice mail system at 720-890-7363 is available to take messages on an around the clock basis.

 Credit cards are accepted for Counseling Sessions, Teleconferences, Training classes, Medical Intuitive readings, Energy Healings, Theta Energy Healings, DNA Reactivation, Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Readings, and Psychic Readings with Judy Miller Dienst
   Visa, M.C. and Discover card accepted.
Credit card information is required at the time you schedule your reading.

Judy Miller Dienst is the founder of the Mystery School, Inc.

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