These "Success Stories" are shared with the permission of the clients who received the healings.  

DNA - The Genetic Rebalancing Technique &
Structural Bone Work

Diagnosed in August, 1999 with Blounts Disease.                  Totally free of Blounts Disease, using the Mystery School healing techniques.
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Blounts Disease

July/August 1999

   My youngest grandson was almost 2 years old when he was diagnosed with Blounts Disease (a rare bone disease).  This is a long bone development problem in young children.  The "long" bones of the legs bow dramatically. When researching this genetic disease on the Internet I learned that Western Medicine says there is only a 2% chance of remission and that the only other choices are braces (which doesn't heal the genetic problem).  Surgery is strongly recommended (of course this won't heal the genetic issue either).  A side effect of the disease is a weight problem.  Spirit had led me to begin my DNA studies the following month.  Little did I know the full impact of why.  Not only was I to teach this amazing technique.....but I was to use it on my grandson!!

September 1999

   I began my studies in the DNA SERIES.  God told me exactly what to do, how to do it and to continue the healing work on my grandson every 3 to 4 days.  I was told to be very careful and not move the bones too quickly, so as not to break them, even though they are quite pliable.

   Because I was in California at the time and my grandson was in Colorado, of course this work was done remotely.  I went home and used the technique and continued the healing work as directed.  My grandson was fitted for braces.  However, because of the continuous healing work I was doing on him, they always had difficulty in getting the right fit.  Also, he didn't like having them on and being the strong little boy that he is, would constantly take them off.  The braces quickly went by the wayside.  We later realized that the work I was doing was conflicting with the braces, as I was moving the bones one way and the braces were going another way.

   Several consultations and evaluations were done on my grandson over the next few months.  The X-rays were not showing the extensive work I was "seeing" in my work and the doctors continued to push heavily for surgery.  Luckily my son and daughter-in-law trusted my work and kept putting the doctor's request for surgery on the back burner.  I needed more time.  Remember, if the bones moved too fast....they could break.

   When I moved to Colorado in the Fall of 2000 I could see a dramatic improvement in his condition since my previous visit in the Fall of 1999.  Since the family saw this child everyday, they got use to the condition.  When I saw my grandson in 1999 his legs looked like < >, when I saw him 1 year later, after all the healing work, his legs looked like ( ).  

   His last evaluation was the first week of December, 2000. (See UPDATE BELOW.) The doctors took more X-rays and the family (and the doctors) saw the changes.  The doctors said that he DOESN'T have to have surgery after all, and to come back in three months for another check up!!!!

   I continually work on James every 3 to 4 days and will do so until his legs are as straight as I have been shown they will be.  Spirit has told me it will continue to be a slow process and may take another year or two for completion.  That's okay....we are moving (literally) in the right direction!!

    My grandson is no longer in the pain he was in even a few months ago.  He is more active, more energetic and lasts a lot longer on his feet, before getting worn out.  It was only about 8 to 10 months ago when he would scoot down the stairs on his behind, because it hurt his legs to walk down them.  Now, he walks (and runs!) down the stairs 100% of the time.  It's wonderful!  This improvement will also help the side effect of the weight issue that is also being worked on.  What a blessing this Structural Bone Work technique is!!   

November, 2001

   During my grandson's medical evaluation in April, 2001 his parents were told that "his right leg is now perfectly straight" and the left leg is "almost perfect". His last evaluation was the beginning of November, 2001.  The doctors took his X-ray evaluations and told his parents, "this is going to be the shortest and most boring meeting we have had.  James' left leg is almost completely straight, come back in 9 months and that meeting will probably be even more boring than this one!"  I continued to "go in" and work on my grandson's legs regularly.  

April, 2002

My grandson's left leg is now completely straight.  What a wonderful gift God has given this child  in the opportunity to live his life without disability.  He now runs and plays with his big brother and friends, like all the other children!!  And the wonderful gift God gave me, the grandmother/healer.....proof to show the world that these techniques WORK!!

Once again we have medical records to prove the healing work!!     

September, 2003

James was 6 in November.  He has just joined his first little-league Soccer team.  He is totally enjoying his team, his running, and playing and he is thinking of joining little-league football next year!!  My heart sings as I watch him leading a "normal" life!

December, 2005

James played soccer for 2 years.  At 8 yrs. old it was his first year in tackle football.  As you can see from his 2005 football picture, he is healthy, happy, and whole!!!

October, 2008

James will be 11 years old next month.  After he played tackle football for a year he decided it wasn't his cup of tea.  Instead, he loves writing, art, and science.  He doesn't remember those painful years, but he has a copy of the above pictures as an opportunity to learn anything is possible and that he is a living demonstration of that fact!


Not only have I witnessed great success healing the Blounts Disease (story above) but I have been a co-creator in the following skeletal (bone) challenges.  All the healing techniques used are taught in the DNA Series Class

Bone Spur

A client came to me with many presenting problems, one of them being a very painful bone spur on her left heel.  This challenge was so great she had tremendous challenge walking and was in great discomfort.  As we worked on many issues, including the feet, one day I asked her how her heel spur was doing and in great surprise she said, "oh, my gosh, I forgot about it.  It's completely gone!"

Another client reported a bone spur at the top of her spine.   I witnessed God's healing as the bone spur was completely removed.  After the healing I reported what I "saw" in my mental vision and through tears of joy and amazement the client said, "I just reached up to touch it again, and it is gone!".  


A long time sufferer of scoliosis, among other challenges, a client came to me for help.  As co-creator with the Source of All that IS, I witnessed a healing on this issue during each session.  When she had her yearly evaluation it was discovered that the scoliosis had stopped progressing.  That was the first time she ever had received that report.  She was elated!  We then continued work to reverse the damage of the Soliosis.

One day this same client mentioned that her 8 year old daughter had been diagnosed with the same disease and that her curvature was at 12%.  I asked her if she would like me to do a healing on the child.  She said, yes, of course she would.  This was just before mother and daughter were going for their yearly evaluation, as mentioned above.  I was a part of the one healing of the scoliosis on this child.  The mother reported to me that the evaluation showed that the child's curvature had declined to 8%!!

Bone Density

The healing of bone density is fascinating.  As I witness God's work to correct osteopirosis challenges I am often told to tell the client that the next time they weight themselves they will weigh a couple of pounds more.  The client always reports back to me a minor weight gain even though they didn't change their eating habits.  Of course I suggest they go for a bone density test to validate the healing.

Below is a great story of healing a broken thumb!

The Broken Thumb

Early October, 2000

   My son coaches my oldest grandson's little league football team.  One day in the first week of October, 2000, during practice, my son fell and broke his left thumb.  It was several days before he decided he better go to a doctor for treatment.

   I received a call from my daughter-in-law on a Thursday to tell me about the broken thumb and that the doctor told my son that he would need surgery to have a pin put in, because it was a pretty bad break.  The doctor put him in a temporary cast and  scheduled an appointment for him to see a specialist on the following Tuesday.  When I got this message I immediately did the Theta Energy Healing technique and could "see and know" that he would not need surgery.  He would be fine.

   I called my son that evening to let him know of the work I had done on him and to let him know he would NOT have to have surgery.   He teased me and said, "Thanks Mom, I guess I don't need to go the specialist next week after all."  I said, "No, actually you don't NEED to go, but I recommend it so you can receive confirmation that you won't need surgery."  He chuckled a little in disbelief, I think.   Each day I would go back "in" and take a look at the thumb bone and do as I was directed in any further healing.

   The following Tuesday evening, I received another call from my daughter-in-law.  This time she told me that my son had his appointment with the specialist and that he was told that he did NOT have to have surgery, nor a pin put in.  The doctor told him to continue to wear the temporary cast and to come back in three weeks for a check up.  

   Due to his job, where he uses his hands all the time, it was very difficult for him to keep the cast on full time.  I continued my work on him every 3 to 4 days (absentee).  When he went back for his check up 3 weeks later, he was told his hand was doing fine.  When I saw him at the end of October, he had limited mobility of the thumb and discomfort.  At that time he discontinued wearing his temporary cast all together.  I continued my healing work.  

   Six weeks from the break, I watched as he was able to move his thumb in all directions.....WITHOUT PHYSICAL THERAPY & WITHOUT SURGERY!!!!  He said he still had some discomfort, but it was improving regularly.  I feel that the discomfort would have been eliminated quickly if he would have been able to wear the cast regularly, to keep the thumb immobile.

Another MIRACLE healing!!!      JMD
Prolapsed Valve Healing

April, 1999

   During REIKI treatments, my Medical Intuitive abilities "click in".  During this particular treatment, I was at the heart area of this client (of course, working in the aura) when I "saw and knew" that something was wrong and that the person was experiencing discomfort.  What I was "seeing" as I was "inside" the heart, was a "limp artery" looking thing extending from the top of the heart and a "flap" (valve) that was loose and not working properly.   I asked, "Do you experience any discomfort in this area".  The client answered, "Yes, I was diagnosed with a prolapsed valve 5 years ago".  

   I  then immediately understood the imagery I was given and followed the instructions of my Master Spiritual Healing Guides as to what I should do next.  As I did my work, the client felt a tug as I psychically pulled the "limp artery" taut, as I was directed.  She responded with an "OH". She said she was fine, she just felt the tug move all the way up the left side of the neck, behind the ear to the back of the head.  I continued to follow directions as I was told by my Master Guides.  When the work was complete I went on with the remainder of the healing.

  Just a few months later, in the Fall of the same year, I saw this client at a class and she told me she had just received her yearly physical.  She shared with me that all the tests showed that she no longer has a prolapsed valve.  (It is important to know that science says that this condition is not reversible in adults).  EXCEPT IN THIS WORK!!   She is an RN, so when the doctors tried to tell her that the other test must have been wrong, she could share with them that , "NO, I know I had the prolapsed valve because I saw the EKG and EcoCardiogram tests these last five years, plus you have had me on medication for five years!!".  

   So, we now have PROOF of this healing.  We have her medical records before and after my work, and my treatment records of the work.

   Remember, it is always to your benefit to obtain whatever medical records you can to prove your healing successes!!

DNA - DeepTheta Consciousness Healing Technique

Torn ACL

September, 2004

"Judy, listen to this!!

In 2002 I had a knee injury and the medical exams and the MRI dated 8/13/02 showed ("a complete midsubstance tear of the left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)". I was then told that a complete tear of an ACL does not heal by itself and that to reconstruct it, surgery was the only way.  As you know, due to my work with you, I did NOT have to have surgery.

Now, on 9/13/04 I re-injured my knee and the new MRI (dated 9/27/04) shows: "The lateral colateral ligament is intact and the cruciate ligaments are normal!!!!!  Tear of the medial meniscus is present with a displaced fragment. The anterior and posterior portions of the meniscus are still attached to the displaced fragment which is now in the intercondylar notch. This is likely the reason for limited range of motion since it may be interfering with extention or flexion. This tear is a vertical configuration through most of the body of the medial meniscus."

I just came from the doctor and he says he is surprised that I am able to fully stretch and almost fully bend my knee with a tear of this proportion. I asked him what happened to the complete ACL tear from before and he said: "I don't know....maybe it's scarring or tissue that formed along the joint and the MRI shows as a normal ACL. It's kind of hard to really see the ACL through an MRI, you know, so....I don't know. I don't know why the tests show normal cruciate ligament."

He said that if I feel pain when walking or if my knee locks because of that fragment, I should do a fast arthroscopy, also so he can look around the knee and check if everything is okay, check what's going on with that ACL. Otherwise, no need to operate!!

So, I wanted to thank you so very much for the healing work you did with my ACL and that you are doing with this tear and with my underlying emotional issues. It's incredible when you see doctors getting confused over healings like this!! Thanks!"
Helena Baronheid, PA

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Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Bonnie found my website on the internet.  She had been suffering for a long time with an open wound under her left arm at the left side of the breast, that she thought may have been brought on by her bout with "Cat Scratch Fever".  She was using many alternative methods of healing, and had many holistic professionals providing her with treatments such as acupuncture, herbology, homeopathy, energy healing, and so forth.  The wound would change, but never quite heal. She believed she could be healed by alternative methods and turned away from the traditional.

We began our work together using Theta Energy Healing, Emotional & Physical Genetic Rebalancing, Inner Child Recovery, visualizations, guided meditations, which of course all had the under current of the Medical Intuitive work.  I witnessed Bonnie changing on mind, body, and spiritual levels through our work together.  Everytime I asked God/Goddess if there was any cancer I received the reply "NO".

Approximately mid-2003 I received a message from Source that Bonnie needed to go to an allopathic physician to be diagnosed.  She came back with the diagnosis of Stage 4 Breast Cancer!!  I was in shock.  Bonnie was shocked but very stoic, brave AND confident in our work.  She refused chemotherapy and all conventional means of healing.  She continued her healing regimen with me.

I went to God/Goddess with the question, "Why did you tell me there was no cancer!!! when the doctors say there is"???  I clearly heard the response, "BECAUSE WE ARE WORKING ON THE ETHERIC LEVEL....HER BODY HAS NOT CAUGHT UP TO THE TRUTH OF THE HEALING YET!!"

I live and work in trust with the magnificent Source and I believed this to be true. We continued our work together and within 6 months Bonnie was told she was completely cancer free!!!  HER BODY CAUGHT UP TO HER ETHERIC LEVEL!!  She was healed from stage 4 breast cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, and without surgery!  She experienced a miracle.

I truly believe part of why Bonnie experienced this dis-ease and the time frame and method of her healing on mind, body, spirit levels was because she MUST bring this message to the world.  She is an author and artist, working on the book to help other women know they can heal in this same way.

We are good friends now and I have the privilege to continue watching her health increase daily!! She is strong and healthy, traveling with your art work and writings.  We are blessed!  


Bonnie has had a variety of medical diagnostic testing, all showing she is still FREE of cancer!


Photo Source Unknown

DNA - DeepTheta Consciousness Healing



"In March of 2005 my Urologist told me that I had an enlarged prostate gland.  Six months later he told me I had microscopic blood in my urine.  He scheduled me for TURP surgery.  The surgery took place on September 20, 2005.  After the surgery the doctor sent the removed prostate tissues to a lab for analysis. I will never forget October 23, 2005, when my doctor explained that the medical report proved that I had Gleason 9 prostate cancer.  Using Gleason numbers 1 to 10, a Gleason 9 is a very aggressive cancer.  I was stunned to learn I had this aggressive cancer in my body.

I was going on a sea cruise 2 weeks later. Before going on the cruise I went on the Internet and found Judy Miller Dienst's web site.  I was very impressed with her DNA techniques and skills.  I called her and I had my first session with Judy on November 1st.  I went on my cruise, which was from November 7th through November 13th.  On November 16, 2005, after I returned home, I had a PSA blood test.  A few days later my Urologist called to tell me that my PSA score was 0.9 and that I was in remission!   Only one session with Judy and I was in remission!!!  I had my second session with Judy on November 17th.

On January 11, 2006 another PSA test showed a score of 0.1 and on March 20, 2006, my PSA reading was -0.1 !! It is a great feeling to know that I am cancer free, thanks to Judy's healing skills.

In addition, after 12 sessions with Judy, on April 5, 2006, I went to see my diabetic doctor and had a blood pressure reading of 105/70 !  I am 68 years of age and to receive a BP reading of 105/70 is excellent.  

Judy is now helping me eliminate my Diabetic 1 condition.  I take 6 sugar readings a day.  Last week, in the morning, I had a 203 sugar reading.  Then I had breakfast and went to my office.  One hour later my vision was poor.  I took a sugar reading and was excited to see a reading of 42.  It became clear to me that my pancreas was producing insulin.  I would recommend Judy to anyone that has a disease and would like to be healed."
Bob Drake, NY



This is a very personal success story, in that it happened to me.  

During yearly pelvic exams, I had been told for a few years that I had a couple of small fibroids.  In 1999 I had severe hemmoraging for 9 days.  I treated it holistically and it finally ended. A few months before I relocated to Colorado from California in the fall of 2000, I ended up in the ER with tremendous abdominal pain.  After testings I was told the pain was due to 2 fibroids about 5cm.  They kept me overnite in the hospital and the genocologist suggested surgery.  I refused.  I knew I had to use the techniques I have to heal this situation.

Using Medical Intuition, Theta Energy Healing, Anchor Thought Clearing, etc.  I no longer have fibroids!!  How do I know?  Well, after the diagnosis in the fall of 2000, I began my healing work on myself.  Exactly 1 year later, in the fall of 2001, I went in for my yearly examinations and tests.  I told my new doctor here in Colorado what had taken place before my move.  I also told her that I am a metaphysical healer and teacher and that I knew the fibroids were now gone.  She said, "Well, when I exam you, if I see any evidence of them, I will be sending you for tests."  I said, "great".

She went in....and came out...and said, "You don't have ANY fibroids!!"   I am so blessed.  It is now 2005 and I just had my yearly physical and (NO SURPRISE) I still don't have fibroids.  After all the levels of healings and clearings, I know I will never have fibroids again!   I am truly grateful!!
 Rev. Judy Miller Dienst

We healers are truly blessed to work with the Universal Life Force Energy of the GOD/GODDESS  to bring healings to the planet and it's people!!!

If you have any success stories using the techniques taught through The Mystery School, by Rev. Judy Miller Dienst, please share them with us.

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