TRUST is one of the biggest lessons human-kind must learn.  Read the wonderful testimonials that written by those that may have doubted their ability to heal.... and now have moved into their healing.
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“I have known and studied with Judy Miller Dienst for the last five years. I believe that she has provided me with a doorway to awareness that serves me daily in the care and treatment of my patients. I have acquired skills that I feel dovetail very nicely with the allopathic as well as an awareness of alternative treatment modalities.”     
Joyce Rosenfeld, MD

“The DNA Series and Genetic Reprogramming Training has given me powerful and effective healing tools in my professional work. As a psychotherapist and clinical social worker of 30 years, I had always been frustrated with the limitations of our conventional mental health interventions and therapies. The DNA series skills that Judy teaches are remarkable in their permanent healing potential and are applicable to the understanding and resolution of any emotional, mental, spiritual or physical issue. They are among the most effective of the new trauma therapies and can quickly resolve generational patterns such as anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, etc. which underlie so many chronic psychological and physical problems.”   
Octavia Allis, MSS, LCSW

“I have always used my intuition in my healthcare practice. Thanks to Judy Miller Dienst's influence and training, I was able to improve upon my skills and bring a different awareness to certain aspects of my own intuitive capabilities.  Judy's guidance during the DNA courswork catapulted my career into a new dimension.”     
Dr. Michael Siebert, OD

“Judy's Medical Intuitive class has made a huge difference in my life.  It seems natural to use my intuitive ability now, though it was difficult in the beginning, The Medical Intuitive Training class taught me to look more deeply at people. I have been amazed at what I can now do to help people.  A good example concerns my friend's 8-month-old niece who was having seizures. The doctors had already ordered two cat scans. No one could tell the parents what was wrong. I scanned her and discovered a tiny bleed in her head. A new radiologist read the original films, confirmed the bleed, right where I saw it, and began meds. The Medical Intuitive Training has also come in handy in the Emergency Room where I work. Many nurses and doctors have that "radar" and can tell when someone is in trouble. My radar is just more fine-tuned!  If more medical personnel had this training, we could make an enormous difference in helping people. I wish I had had this class 20 years ago.”   
Ro Patterson, EMT

“I have been fortunate to take several of Judy's classes over the years.  Judy is not a traditional health professional, but through her work, is able to describe medical problems with amazing accuracy.  I trained as a Medical Intuitive under Judy's supervision and use this skill daily in my nursing work in Intensive Care, Hemodialysis, Psychiatric/Mental Health, and End-Of-Life Hospice Care . The training has refined my assessment skills and allows me to recognize slight indications of problems such a cardiac irregularity, pulmonary distress, hormonal imbalance and neurological problems before signs and symptoms have manifested. This has allowed me to direct patients for early diagnostic and treatment preventing more severe problems.  Judy's Medical Intuitive Training has been particularly helpful in my work as a psychiatric nurse. It helped me sense early stages of physical problems such as oxygen deprivation and hypothyroidism masked by psych issues. I was then able to suggest diagnostics that validated a physiological problem in addition to psychiatric illness. Judy has taken me far beyond what I was taught in nursing school and helped me become a true healer of body, mind and soul.”   
Dana Lambrose, R.N., BSN, CHPN


"Judy, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me.  I can't remember feeling so peaceful in my life.  The first day after our session it felt as though I couldn't be any happier.  I feel more peaceful within myself. In the past when I thought of my mother, I felt pain.  Now, when I speak of her there seems to be calm in my heart. It feels so good!  Can this be real? Every morning now when I awake, I don't mind getting out of bed and I am actually looking forward to the new day.  Wow!"
"Dear Judy,

The Sacred Distance Healing Circle is a wonderful circle of healers and has done wonderful things in the world.  I never got the chance to thank you for helping me the way you did.  I was pretty close to being hopeless when I started working with you and now I am doing exceptionally well.  The imagery of the Inner Children has been a great help to me and has helped me to go on to learn two new languages and finish my Ph.D. in history.  Without the Belief System work you did iwth me, I do not think it would have happened. You are a special gift to the world.  I am grateful that we had the time we were meant to have together.
January, 2007

"Hello Judy!

I hope you are doing well.  I am absolutely amazed at the results from our last session!!! I really feel like I am free from the depression and that my serotonin levels are at a normal and stable level.  My jaw has improved tremendously; I can yawn without it deflecting to one side.  I also feel like the chakra clearing in my chest and throat has really helped to free up my singing voice!  This all feels like a miracle healing!!!  I want to thank you so much for doing this healing work!!!!!!!!"
Vanessa Phillips, Colorado
December, 2004


"Hello Judy,

I have been experiencing some great healings from our last session, primarily with my knee as it has been feeling like brand spanking new!!  It's so hard to wrap my mind around it sometimes.  It's like miracles have returned to the planet, like some major shift has brought them out of the biblical era and into the modern world.  

I have also been feeling less tension, or a release of internal pressure after the clearing of many negative beliefs last time, and I've noticed that I start feeling the biggest results by the third day after our sessions.  Thanks."
Vanessa Phillips, Colorado
January, 2005

"Dear Judy,

I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I am at the difference in what I feel since our first reading.  I have only a tinge of pain left from my surgery, staples and scar tissue.  I was in constant pain prior to my session with you.  My thought process has shifted. "                                                                      
Francesca James, Colorado
December, 2004

"As a minister in New Thought, I've been on my spiritual path unfolding more of my true and Higher Self.  I've done lots of workshops and training sessions of self discovery, always moving more upward on the ladder of enlightenment.  I was deeply touched after only a few private sessions with Judy Miller Dienst.  Her intuitiveness is remarkable and it was very much in connection with what was going on with me, that had yet to be cleared or healed.  After only a few sessions, I immediately began to feel, sense, see, and KNOW that major shifts had occurred.  One of my great challenges was dealing with conflict.  Approaching people to deal directly with situations created great fear within me and usually limited me in communication.  This is one area that I worked on with Judy and immediately I saw results.  Now there is no difficulty or hesitation to approach and clear things with people.  It also appears as though I've heightened my level of confidence, as a result.  Additionally, weight has been a challenge for me most of my life.  Never accepting my body and myself as I was, thus attracting more protection to my body as a cover up.  Within 4 months of doing my work with Judy, I gave up over 40 pounds to the Universe and the sensation or need to "protect" myself no longer exists.  Her work has truly been a gift to me on my healing path.  I am a believer in a power greater than I am that works through me and others.  The Divine energy within Judy definitely met with and connected with the Divine energy in me to allow greater things to happen."
Rev. Marsha
Former Minister/Founder
New Horizons Church of Religious Science,
Lafayette/Boulder, CO 2002
"Dear Judy,

I have gone through at least four sessions with you and I have noticed some remarkable changes in myself through the DNA healing.  For years I have tried to figure out why life seemed so cloudy to me.  After our first session I noticed my passion for life returning.  I was so wrapped up in depression and panic that I was afraid to get out of my home.  I am now going out again, still with minimal reservations, but it is a giant step for me as I did not worry about what physical things might happen to me.

Here are some things that I have especially noticed.  My ability to see and hear have greatly improved.  My intuitive abilities are much stronger; I am able to use my skills as a healer better. My connection to nature and the world of spirit is much more open.  My general outlook on life has opened up to see that abundance is not just money, but a loving family, good friends, and being able to interact with people on levels I never could before.  My ability to walk is greatly improving. I am gaining hair where I had lost it. People around me tell me how much more clear I look than ever before, and how much I look like I am alive.  They told me that I always used to look like a walking zombie.

I would like the readers of this to know that I did not get the way I was overnight, but it seems that my recovery in many areas of my life are accelerated. Take the time to do the work and let yourself be guided on a wonderful adventure!"
Dennis R. Drake, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Dear Judy,

Your treatment reading the first day I was in the hospital resulted in your theta healer guides etherically lubricating the blockage in my small intestine.  The following day my x-rays (compared to the initial x-rays) indicated the blockage was beginning to diminish.  Each day thereafter, until I left the hospital 4 days later, the x-rays showed the blockage continuing to diminish and the alimentary canal opening up.

The constipation was caused by not drinking enough water during the 4 months I was on the Atkins low-carb diet.
Dr. Atkins, who was quite open-minded about alternative healing therapies, recommends 8-10 glasses of water every day in addition to any other fluids, such as decaf coffee.  (Since there is no fruit on the diet to help cleanse the colon, the water is absolutely vital.) I had the mistaken notion that the coffee was a replacement for the water, but, of course being a diuretic, the coffee was removing what little fluid I was getting into my colon, resulting in constipation.

Of course, I didn't tell the doctor about your treatment, though I believe it's what truly helped me, as they couldn't possibly justify how their $10,000 hospital charges for only 4 days in the hospital measured up to your $75 (student rate) etheric treatment on the telephone. The medical bills were just shy of $10,000 which is beyond belief when you consider there was no surgery and no medication to treat the constipation. The only relief they offered was the tube down my nose to remove the fluid in my lower stomach and upper small intestine, while the actual healing occurred naturally from your treatment and whatever aid was provided by the castor oil packs that one afternoon.

I very much appreciate your work, Judy, as I believe in the efficacy of etheric treatments and how they transform the physical body, which is really a copy of the etheric body.  Treat the etheric body and the physical body is transformed reasonably soon after.

I should also add that your DNA adjustment to enable me to "Release and let go" was not only helpful in removing the constipation, but it produced emotional results a couple of days later.  My daughter, Desiree, who has also been successfully treated by you, flew to Virginia from Denver to visit me in the hospital. When she played the Grand Piano in the large circular entrance of the hospital, I watched and listened from a balcony above - as did many nurses and patients at various levels of balconies overlooking the piano area.  The beauty of her playing stirred me deeply, causing me to release and let go, the tears welling up and flowing like a fountain - an excellent catharsis for me, paralleling my physical healing.  Then when Scotty, my grandson, began to sing passages from Phantom of the Opera in his beautiful tenor voice as Desiree played, the tears began again.  Quite a joyful experience!  Thanks again!!"
Bob Beauchamp, Waynesboro,Virginia
November, 2003


I highly recommend Judy Miller Dienst as both healer and teacher.  I have received many healings from Judy over the years and she has helped me tremendously with deep core issues on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  She is one of the best intuitives I have ever encountered.  I have also taken all of the classes she offers (some of them twice!) and they truly helped me broaden my intuitive capabilities and, I believe, made me a better healer.  She has incredible wisdom that comes from a lot of experience and her classes are packed with a lot of information, a lot of supervised practice and are a lot of fun!  Thank you Judy!
Barbara B., Longmont

“Judy Miller Dienst is a phenomenal healer. When I'm in session with Judy, her thoughts and soul are so completely connected and focused on me that I feel as if I'm her only client, although I know how very busy she is.  I suffered years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as a child.  The psychologist I saw was helpful, but I attribute my healing to Judy.  I don't believe I could have put myself through college while raising four children alone, and recovered from the severe emotional scars of childhood without her healing help.  Today, my children are happy, healthy adults, I have a successful career, and I have married a kind and loving person.  I am happier than I ever thought possible. In addition, Judy's DNA healing skills have helped heal an irregular heartbeat, and my last echocardiogram showed no indication of the prolapsed valves that were prominent before Judy's help. “            


Dear Judy & Classmates:
I hope you are all easing into the upcoming holiday with joy. I just wanted to check-in and see how everyone is doing; also to see if any of you have noticed any mind/body/spirit shifts from your DNA reactivation.
As for me...Wow! I can't believe the difference! I feel lighter, more energized and much less overwhelmed with the "little things."

Rob, your work with me on having the appropriate body weight for my body type is taking effect! Without much effort, I have dropped four pounds just this week. My clothes are fitting much better as well.
Susan, your love and tenderness toward my kidney is noticeable as well. I had my lab work done on Tues. My [kidney] numbers are slightly better than they have been in several months!

The abundance work that we did has been obvious, too. I got four new clients last week!
For those of you who had challenges regarding charging $ for this work...I have had opportunity to initiate DNA activation with one client and Core Belief work on two clients this week. Both were very pleased and neither one even blinked an eye over my fee. We have learned this work for a reason--to keep the energy of abundance, love, and healing going. To do this with responsibility, we must engage in the ongoing cycle of the "energy of money." Since money is energy, it must ultimately flow freely to be effective. As long as we are mindful in our practice, with good intent, we must freely receive what comes back to us.
I am eager to return to Boulder in Feb. to receive the medical intuitive portion of this gift. I look forward to seeing those of you who will be there as well! Please write if you get a chance. I'd love to hear how things are going for you.
Light and Love, Jo Ruddy, 2006

"Hi Judy,

I am so grateful for you and the teaching, as well as healing you have brought to me.  I have had quantum leaps in my personal healing and my practice as an Intuitive Healer.....have had tremendous success with the Medical Intuitive readings and DNA and Theta Healings with my clients....and always honor you as my teacher and guide to them.

I have had a few radio programs call me for on air readings and to talk about the work and I always begin with honoring "The Mystery School" as my training.  As well as mentioning you in all my brochures and talks here in the Cincinnati area.

Your training and work is heaven sent and will continue to transform peoples lives for eons....Thank you for being the "Bridge" into our highest potential and spiritual development.  Blessings and Love....."
Anita Owens, Cincinnati, Ohio
December, 2003

"Judy, Teacher, I want to say thank you for what I believe has been a life changing experience.  I feel that you've helped open me up to a whole new world that was there all the time, yet I couldn't see.  I can't wait to see what's next!  Also, thank you for the opportunity to become a member of the healing circle, to exercise this gift for the betterment of others.  I hope to see you many more times. Until then, be well."            
Namaste, Tom Wilcox, Illinois
February, 2006

"I have to say that after attending your Medical Intuitive workshop, I am able to easily read people that I have never met, something I was unable to do previously.  If I am able to meet and speak with someone before doing a reading, the images are crystal clear, like looking at colored slides. The person does not have to be present when the actual reading is done, but the personal contact makes a difference for me.  It is fascinating to return to someone I have read a day or two before and have them recognize me when I read them a second time! Since I was unable to do any of this two years ago, it all seems a little unreal.  I will be attending your March DNA workshop!"
Alan Paine, California

"Thank you, Judy, for bringing your Medical Intuitive Training Class to Long Beach.  I have been a medium and channel for many, many years, but I have to tell you that the technique you taught us, to go into deep Theta to do this work, is the fastest and deepest I have ever experienced.  Also, my intuitive powers have increased considerably.  I am having a great time!! God Bless You",                           
Marilyn M-T, California

"This is an exciting time for me and I wanted to share it with you.  Last Wednesday my partner, Suzanne, received a call that her brother-in-law had just been admitted to the hospital with severe stomach pains.  The ER doctors said it was pancreatitis.  I did a scan and saw that the pancreas was not in great shape, but nothing was seriously wrong.  But at the same time, I saw a bright white light, like a starburst, centered in the upper duodenum.  Two days later the doctors determined that it wasn't pancreatitis, but was a perforated ulcer in the upper duodenum!!  I am looking forward to the DNA class in March!!.............Alan


"I didn't now what personal power felt like until you taught me tools that changed my life.  Now I feel powerful and free."   
R. Soteres, Tustin, California

"My experience in hypnotherapy with you was a wonderful one. With your guidance I created a beautiful, safe place for my inner children.  What I learned has stayed with me and I use it daily."   
L.Wade, Orange, California

"Peace is found in knowing yourself and being true to what you know.  Through hypnotherapy you have helped me find peace."          
Dana L., Mission Viejo, California

"Dear Judy,
Today is my mother's birthday and I called her.  She is sick, of course, bronchitis and can hardly speak. Comes from years of not speaking up for herself. She gets bronchitis and laryngitis 2 or 3 times a year - like I use to. She cried and asked me to someday let her back in my life. I just told her I love her, gave a brief run down of how the kids and I are and that was it. But the really good part is I am OK.  I didn't get sick afterwards, not even a headache!!  No tears or emotional flashbacks, no raging anger, just sympathy for her. Thank you for all your help in getting me to this point. It feels good to talk to her without enmeshing and loosing myself.  It felt good to tell her I love her without hating her for not giving me what I needed.  Blessed Be!"                               
 D. Lynn, Lake Forest, California

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