You are so much more than you think you are.  You are the demonstration of the Source of ALL that IS!  What you think, feel, and speak create your reality.  Any negativity creates more negativity.  Learn how to have a powerful life of self appreciation and self love.  In a private session with Judy Miller Dienst you will have the benefit of receiving not only hypnotherapy, but clearing of genetic beliefs that no longer serve you.  Change your thinking, change your life!!   Namaste!
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"In my session work I use hypnosis in conjunction with numerous techniques, as directed by Source.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool, however, when utilized within the framework of DNA and genetic healing and belief system repatterning, it moves far past its original value."  ~
Rev. Judy Miller Dienst


Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness that occurs normally in every person just before they enter into the sleep state.  In therapeutic hypnosis we prolong this brief interlude so that we can work within its bounds to achieve desired results.


Yes.  By determining a person's learning "style", the Hypnotherapist then knows what type of inductions and suggestions to use in order to bypass the "Critical Mind Factor" and work successfully within the conscious mind.  It is possible to resist hypnosis, like it is possible to resist sleep.  But, even if one resists hypnosis, with practice the resistance can be overcome.  All people go through a state akin to hypnosis before going to sleep.  This is known as "alpha", an altered state of awareness.  There is no reason why you should not be able to enter a hypnotic state.


The average person has the idea they will go through something different, new and spectacular in the hypnotic state.  Often they equate being hypnotized with being anesthetized, being asleep, or being unconscious.  If when in hypnosis they find that their mind is active, that they can hear every sound in the room, that they can resist suggestions if they so desire, that their attention keeps wandering, their thoughts may be racing around, that they have not fallen asleep, and that they remember everything that has happened when they open their eyes....they believe they have failed.  They imagine then that they are a poor subject.

Because this experience is so familiar to you, and because you may expect something startlingly different in hypnosis, you may get discouraged when a trance is induced.  Remember, you are not anesthetized, you are not unconscious, you are not asleep.  Your mind is active, your thoughts are under control, you perceive all stimuli, and you are in complete communication with the Hypnotherapist.


The human mind is extremely suggestible and is being bombarded constantly with suggestive thoughts and ideas from the inside.  A good deal of suffering is the consequence of negative thoughts and impulses invading one's mind from subconscious recesses.  Unfortunately, past experiences, guilt feelings, and unwanted impulses and desires are incessantly pushing themselves into awareness, directly or in disguised forms, therefore sabotaging one's happiness, health and efficiency.

By the time one has reached adulthood, they have built up negative modes of thinking, feeling and acting which persist like bad habits.  And, like any habits, they are hard to break.  In hypnosis we attempt to replace these negative attitudes with positive ones.  It takes time to change old habit patterns, so do not be discouraged if you do not experience instant results.  If you continue to practice the principles and tools taught you by your therapist, you will notice change.  Even though there may be no apparent alterations on the surface, a restructuring is going on underneath.

Hypnosis is accumulative in it's powers.  People often believe that just one session will completely solve the problem.  Occasionally this is the case, but most of the time maximum benefit and change comes from a few sessions of "anchoring" in the new belief system.

Open the window to your genetic thought patterns.  What did your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, on back through your ancestors seven generations or more, believe about their relationships, money, family, health, spirituality, etc??  Just when we think we will never be like our family....we discover we are just like them.  It's time to change negativity into wonderful light.  Bring forward the light within you as you create a different reality.

The depth of hypnosis does not always correlate with the degree of suggestibility.  If you go no deeper than the lightest stages of hypnosis and are merely mildly relaxed, you will still greatly benefit from its therapeutic effects.  With repetition you will be able to go deeper into hypnosis, however this is not too important in the majority of cases.


Hypnosis is effective in behavioral change, reshaping old negative beliefs about ones self, letting go of destructive thinking and self-defeating habits, fears and phobias.

Hypnosis is NOT a magic wand.  If you are motivated to change negative aspects of your life on a conscious level, the Hypnotherapist, in working with the subconscious, can direct positive suggestions for personal change and growth.  


Bring Balance to Your Life
Develop Self Confidence
Boost Self Esteem and keep it elevated
Create Healthy Boundaries
Stop Critical Thinking
Heal the "Wounded Inner Child"- See 5 Level Journey
Stop Destructive Habits
Get past self-limiting fears, phobias and anxieties
Understand and improve the way you think and feel about yourself
Reduce stress
Understand and handle anger
Be at peace with yourself
Open doors to past life experiences

 In 1990, Rev. Judy Miller Dienst became certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and soon focused on adults abused as children.  It was during this time she developed the "5 Step Journey To Healing The Wounded Warrior". The discovery and recovery of the Inner Child. People's lives continually change for the better.  

Hypnosis works beautifully with all other modalities and is most often used in Rev. Judy's work in conjunction with energy healings.

"Those who believe absurdities end up committing atrocities" - Voltaire

In a private session with Judy Miller Dienst you will have the opportunity to receive emotional and physical genetic shifts.  DNA and Genetic Reprogramming, Theta Healing, Anchor Thought clearing, Medical Intuition, Hypnotherapy and Reiki  is used at any given time to help you shift into a better life experience.  Call today....720-890-7363
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